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TA Demo 0.99b2


  • Bugs sur les lignes et les anneaux de dents de dragon réglés.
  • Si quelqu'un essaie d'utiliser la commande .units le recorder, du haut de sa grandeur, punira sévèrement  le coupable ! Et cela marche maintenant.
  • Edition d'un avertissement si quelqu'un rejoins le jeu avec une version différente de TA Demo.
  • Les marqueurs ne perdent plus le premier caractère.


  • Ajout d'une option pour automatiser la commande .3dta
  • Réapparition des informations de production energie / métal.

3D Replayer:

  • Une option pour indiquer votre répertoire TA est maintenant présente dans le panneau de configuration du visualiseur 3D.
  • Les messages d'erreurs sont nettement plus prolixes afin de faciliter le debuggage.


  • L'installation a été entièrement revue. Elle est maintenant basé sur "Nullsoft Installer".
  • L'utilitaire patchant TA.exe ( sous Windows 9x ) est maintenant indépendant.

TA Demo 0.99b


  • Commandes ajoutées :
  • Commandes supprimées :
  • Rend la macro de lignes de commandes bien plus rapide.
  • Si quelqu'un essaie d'utiliser la commande .units le recorder, du haut de sa grandeur, punira sévèrement  le coupable !


  • Suppression d'un bug qui faisait parfois crasher le replayer avec le patch "5000 unités".
  • Modification de la synchronisation des unités afin d'éviter la répétition inutile de  messages.

3D Replayer:

  • TA Demo contient maintenant un 3D Demo Replayer ! Voir 3D Replay pour son utilisation.


TA Demo 0.98b


  • Added commands:
  • The recorder now contains an Interface Upgrade for TA, with a whole slew of features:
    1. Idle Const Finder
    2. 100 unit factory queueing
    3. Ally income display
    4. Autoclick for convenient queueing of lines of structures
    5. Whiteboard features
    See Interface Upgrade and the Interface Upgrade options on how to use them.


  • Added commands:
    .lockon nick

TA Demo 0.97b


  • Added commands:
  • If everyone has the new recorder, enemy chat is also recorded.
  • Unfinished units and structures are not transferred by .take/.takecmd.
  • The usually bunch of miscellaneous bugfixes.
  • Detection of user AI's.
  • Auto-recorded filenames are now always correct.
  • The recorder now gets reset if you start a new game of TA without restarting the program.
  • .time reports the time as 1:03 instead of 1:3


  • All recordings should start correctly now.
  • Cheats should always be turned on now.
  • FARK and Necro added to the list of recognized extra units.
  • Correctly shows who rejected someone.

TA Demo 0.96b


  • Added commands:
    .base filename.txt
    .pltest nick
    .plfrom nick
    .randmap filename.txt
    .syncon number number
  • The Boneyards version of TA doesn't crash when exiting.
  • Option to place demos in a user specified default directory.


  • Added autofixall and autorecord options
  • Replay will never be too fast for your computer to keep up.
  • Replay speed independent of if the game was slow while recording.
  • All paused sections of demo can now be skipped
  • Added ability to adjust speed with standard +/- keys
  • .speed only works in 100% intervals (use +/- to fine adjust)
  • .sonar gives sonar unit
  • Replayer identifies who is pausing, changing speed and rejecting
  • More complex syntax of unitid.txt
  • LOS is Permanent by default

TA Demo 0.93b


  • You can take over your partner's units and structures if they disconnect.
  • Lobby chat is now recorded and displayed in the "Comments" section.
  • Recorder commands are now available even when not recording.
  • Start of recording in-game supported. However, unless it is issued quite soon after launch there's a good chance that the recording won't replay due to all of the missing information. So don't use it really.. :)


  • Freeze on exit fixed. (Second time hehe.. damnu SJ)
  • Fixed another silly memory leak, the replayer now swallows up a lot less RAM.
  • Remembers last used protocol.
  • Watchers should no longer experience occasionally getting stuck on the load screen.. In fact, the replayer now waits a while for the watchers to complete loading and enter the game screen before starting replay.
  • Just click Go instead of typing .launch - the game will launch automatically when unit synch is completed.
  • .speed number sets replay speed to number percent of normal.
  • .pos number skips to number percent into the game.
  • The replayer now prevents recorded players that quit, dropped or were lagging lagging during the original game from causing a reject screen during the replay.
  • The first player listed in the player list is the person that recorded. But now it is now literally pointed out :)

TA Demo 0.90b


  • Now installs in the TA directory you type instead of the default. Removes old TA Demo shortcuts from root of Start Menu.


  • .report now shows the three available TA Demo toggles.
  • Added commands:
  • All commands except .record can now be issued while playing the game.
  • .report and .fixoff can be issued by players without TA Demo.
  • Smaller filesizes, more efficiently compressible by zipping.


  • Demo files are streamed off disk now, cutting down load times to a minimum and minimizing RAM usage.
  • All known memory leaks fixed.
  • The game progress indicator (slidebar) is now movable - you can fast-forward the game.
  • All units besides the original ones and those in Core Contingency are listed in the replayer.
  • Current ack status: # of # bug fixed.
  • Added an Options screen, allowing easy customization of directories and sync speed.
  • Unit sync now works as intended (no more CRC error messages).
  • Remembers last directory used.
  • Pausing now supported.
  • Doubleclicking demos in Windows Explorer now works correctly.
  • Backwards compatibility to version 0.80ß.
  • Replay speed now ranges from 5% to 1000%.

TA Demo 0.80b

The big news is that all crashes that occurred during playback should now be gone. At the very least there should be no need to change file format again in future versions. (Observe, "should"! :))

For people only being able to replay games when they are connected to the internet, see Replaying games.


  • The recorder no longer corrupts packets.
  • Adding an AI player to the game no longer crashes TA.
  • A player leaving the battle room no longer crashes TA.
  • Recorded games have grown larger. A compressor that reduces them to at least the sizes seen in 0.71ß will be released "when it is done".
  • All known memory leaks, which were the likeliest cause for the slowdowns people have experienced, have been fixed.

  • The replayer does not load recorded games from older versions than 0.80ß. If you have a game that replays correctly with the old replayer, replay it with the old replayer and record it with the new recorder while watching it. We're sorry, but this is why we declared it beta in the first place.
  • It should now work to replay games that reside in the TA directory, or even have the server.exe placed there.
  • Added descriptions of buttons and lists.
  • Added Back buttons on most screens so that you can return to the previous state of the replayer.
  • Added a button to launch TA from the battle room screen. This also autoselects the correct network protocol.
  • Demo files load faster.
  • The replayer now kills all remaining players when the playback is completed, so that you get to see the stats screen.
  • More than one watcher now works.
  • Enabled compression on outgoing packets. Can be turned off since it has not been tested much. Should not cause any problems and will make over-internet playback possible even for modem users.
  • The game should no longer launch with the watchers still sitting on the load screen.
  • Changed the way the unit synch is done. Should eliminate unit substitutions, provided that you have all units that were enabled in the recorded game. Please disregard the message stating that you have CRC errors and are missing units. We have no idea why this occurs but it doesn't cause any trouble.
  • The crash that occurs for some people when the playback is finished may or may not be gone. It doesn't happen on our systems at least. But then, it never did.

TA Demo 0.71b

The ability to record games using Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone has been added. To install this update, download the recorder71.zip and unzip the file dplayx.dll to your TA Directory, replacing the old file.

This may or may not interfere with other gaming networks, so if you use TEN or MPlayer or anything else, it might not work. If that should happen, simply remove the file and wait for the final release. (Or switch to Zone.)

Normal TCP/IP and IPX recording has not been removed, so you do not need to keep the old file.


Recorder + 3D replayer programming

Replayer programming

Interface upgrade + 3D replayer programming

Technical Assistance

Trainer source / detection know-how

Creator of HPIUtil

Website - http://www.clan-sy.com/

Alpha/beta test crew

Readme authors

Brave Sir Robin
Various feature requests

And also thanks to everyone using the program,
especially those giving feedback and reporting bugs :)
Your help is invaluable and much appreciated.


The Swedish Yankspankers are in no way affiliated with Cavedog Entertainment, Humongous Entertainment, GT Interactive, Infogrames or any other company that has rights to the Total Annihilation products and brand name.

TA Demo may be freely distributed as long as it is provided as is, with the documentation included unchanged (readme.html, recorder.html, replayer.html, history.html). All rights reserved.